Max lives in the land of the sun called Sardinia.

He draws manga and loves cyberpunk, video games and practice the ancient way of Kendo!

He works professionally since 2006 and would like to continue for much longer... for that you should read his manga! His dream is to publish a manga written and drawn by him.

Curriculum in italiano (download)


Sergio Bonelli Editore


Wired Italia

Panini Comics


Aurea Editoriale

Edizioni BD

Star Comics

Les Humanoides Associés


1997 Prato: “Pierlambicchi d’oro” as best young author

2009 2nd Morning International Manga Competition Kodansha: selected for the final screening with “Hermes” written by Andrea Iovinelli.

2010 Fullcomics: best artist with “L’Era dei Titani”.

2013 Fullcomics: best digital comics with Sprawl.